Book Title: Igbo
Description: Accelerated Reader is a program based on the fact that students become more motivated to read if they are tested on the content of the books they have read and are rewarded for correct answers. Students read each book, individually take the test on the computer, and receive gratification when they score well. Schools using the Accelerated Reader program have seen a significant increase in reading among their students.

Fifty-six newly released titles that provide a fascinating portrait of the many peoples that inhabit Africa. These books have natural curriculum tie-ins with multiculturalism, geography, and social studies.

Bibliographic information
Author(s): Kalu Ogbaa
Publisher(s): The Rosen Publishing Group
Publish Date: 1995
Book Pages: 64
Industry Identifier: ISBN_10: 0823919773
Subjects: History / Africa / General • Juvenile Nonfiction / People & Places / Africa
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Width: 16.50 cm
Thickness: 0.60 cm
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