Description: Ígálá language, which is spoken in parts of Kògí, Énúgu, Ánámbra, Delta and Bénúé States of Nigeria, is one of the world’s increasingly endangered languages. Unless something changes soon, it will be lost forever. John Idakwoji spent more than thirty years researching the language so that he could share with the world its oceanic depth and the sacred, unique but under-exploited culture that it nurtures even in its seldom written, rarely described and sparsely documented state of being. The book takes the bull by the horns, as it equips Igala teachers and students with the tools they need to engage in practical learning and instruction. You’ll find: insights on the properties and characteristics of the language, including its alphabet, tones, grammar, parts of speech, dialec...
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Author(s): John Idakwoji
Publisher(s): Partridge Publishing Singapore
Publish Date: 2015-02-12
Book Pages: 698
Industry Identifier: ISBN_10: 1482827883
Subjects: Foreign Language Study / General
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