Book Title: A Grammar of Igala

The book establishes 28 phonemic consonants and 7 vowels, as well as lexical and grammatical tones in Igala. It shows the canonical syllable types as V and CV with no complexity, and relates resyllabification to the retiming of segments as tone bearing units and the duration of their mora. The work discusses nine word classes, as well as ideophones and clitics in Igala. There are splitting verbs of various structures and fully-fledged pronouns with morphologically toneless clitic counterparts that are toned in their syntactic context, among other elements of the Igala morphology. The work establishes clitics as generally bearing the grammatical tones of various categories as a result of their morphological tonelessness and their availability for post-lexical tone assignment. It also acc...

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Author(s): Ejeba Salem Ochala
Publisher(s): M & J Grand Orbit Communications
Publish Date: 2017-01-17
Book Pages: 268
Industry Identifier: ISBN_10: 9785431185
Subjects: Language Arts & Disciplines / Grammar & Punctuation • Foreign Language Study / African Languages
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