The present volume, which is the 5th in the Nigerian Linguists Festschrift Series, is devoted to Professor Munzali A. Jibril, a celebrated icon in university administration, and an erudite Professor of English Linguistics. The title of this special edition was specifically chosen to crown Professor Jibril’s academic prowess in both English and indigenous Nigerian languages, and to mark and laud his official departure from active university lectureship. 72 assessed papers are included from the many submitted. Papers cover the main theme of the volume, i.e. the interaction between English and indigenous Nigerian languages, and there are a number of papers on other secular areas of linguistics such as: language and history, language planning and policy, language documentation, language e...

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Author(s): Ndimele Ozo-mekuri
Publisher(s): M & J Grand Orbit Communications
Publish Date: 2016-02-22
Book Pages: 908
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Subjects: Language Arts & Disciplines / Linguistics / Historical & Comparative
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