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Book Pages: Unknown - Publish Date: 2017-07-04 - Publisher: Mary Roberts Rinehart
Description: A labarin haka Rahila Innes kamar yadda ta thwarts jerin m laifuka a lokacin rani gida ta ya takalman da `yar da dan.
Author(s): White Hausa
Book Pages: 36 - Publish Date: 2016-12-30 - Publisher: White Hausa
Description: White Hausa
Author(s): Philipp J. Jaggar
Book Pages: 100 - Publish Date: 2017-06-01 - Publisher: Unknown
Description: Over the last few decades, linguists have devoted considerable attention to both homogeneity and variation in the expression of causal events across languages. However, most studies, whether typological or language-specific, have focused on the category of morphologically overt (e.g., 'lie/lay X down') causatives, rather neglecting complex periphrastic (e.g., 'get X to lie down') formations. The p...
Author(s): Kasahorow
Book Pages: 26 - Publish Date: 2016-12-09 - Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Description: Learn together to count from 0 to 20 in Hausa and Japanese Each number is a separate colouring activity! Make multiple photocopies of the included workbook for older children to practice their number writing skills. Discover the world in Hausa and Japanese together with your multilingual child. Suitable for children 0 to 7 years old.
Author(s): Shirin Edwin
Book Pages: 264 - Publish Date: 2016-11-15 - Publisher: Northwestern University Press
Description: Privately Empowered responds to the lack of adequate attention paid to Islam in Africa in comparison to Islam in the Middle East and the Arab world. Shirin Edwin points to the tight embrace between Islam and politics that has rendered Islamic feminist discourse historically and thematically contextualized in regions where Islamic feminism evolves in tandem with the nation-state and is commonly und...
Author(s): Eton Institute
Book Pages: 54 - Publish Date: 2016-09-13 - Publisher: Eton Institute
Description: Welcome to our Hausa phrasebook. Take your first step with us in discovering the language. Learn Hausa in easy and simple ways that will help you converse in every day practical situations. The phrasebook is a hands-on tool that teaches language phrases and basic sentences. You will also enjoy a wholesome learning experience with cultural tips and idioms of the region. Download the Hausa phraseboo...
Author(s): kasahorow
Book Pages: 38 - Publish Date: 2016-12-06 - Publisher: Unknown
Description: A beta version of an Hausa-Spanish Learner's Dictionary for Hausa learners.
Author(s): Miss Morina Marvi
Book Pages: 170 - Publish Date: 2016-11-23 - Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Description: This book is meant for the beginners of Biology and for those who think that Biology is a difficult subject to understand. This book contains all the basic topics of the subject. The concepts of these topics have been made very easy and interesting to understand. After reading the book the subject of Biology will become the most interesting subject for you for all times to come. Just read and enjoy the modern Biology of our times. This book can also be used as a textbook by all the students of Biology because it covers all the basic topics most comprehensively.
Book Pages: 408 - Publish Date: 2016-02-22 - Publisher: Safari Books Ltd
Description: This unique collection of articles on literature in northern Nigeria is in three parts. Part one presents an overview of the running theme, in which Na’Allah explores the theoretical relationship between literature, history and identity in northern Nigeria, using the proverbial story of the blind man who holds a lamp while walking alone in the night. Similarly, Tsiga undertakes in a long bibliog...
Author(s): Gilad Soffer
Book Pages: 46 - Publish Date: 2016-09-18 - Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Description: "1000+ Danish - Hausa Hausa - Danish Vocabulary" - is a list of more than 1000 words translated from Danish to Hausa, as well as translated from Hausa to Danish. Easy to use- great for tourists and Danish speakers interested in learning Hausa. As well as Hausa speakers interested in learning Danish.