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Author(s): Yvonne C Mbanefo
Book Pages: 136 - Publish Date: 2018-05-27 - Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Description: A vocabulary Journal is used to personally record a collection of key words or vocabulary terms which will help a language learner master key vocabulary in a language. These words can wither be self taught or pre-taught by the language teacher. In the vocabulary journal, the language learner can record the word, meaning, similar and opposite words, and sample sentences as well as sketch the word o...
Author(s): Kasahorow
Book Pages: 126 - Publish Date: 2018-05 - Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Description: There are not enough Igbo language books for children available online. My First Igbo Dictionary is a picture book for introducing your multilingual child to Igbo and English. It has over 50 every day objects to point at and share with your baby. Daddy can teach in Igbo and Mummy in English. Read aloud and get them used to your pronunciation. Each every day object is also illustrated to help make ...
Author(s): Nam H Nguyen
Book Pages: 330 - Publish Date: 2018-04-07 - Publisher: Nam H Nguyen
Description: Ighabata n'ime Buddha bụ ezigbo eBook maka ụdị ndụ niile. Ọ na-agwa anyị na onye ọ bụla n'ime anyị nwere amamihe, mmata, omume ọma, obiọma, ọmịiko, ịhụnanya, ike nke Buddha n'ime ma ọ ga-enyere aka duzie anyị n'ezi Onye Onwe anyị, na-eme ka anyị ghara ịchọta ihe anyị bụ, na ihe anyị nwere enwe, anyị ga-achọpụtakwa na ihe anyị na-achọ agagh...
Author(s): Nam H Nguyen
Book Pages: 884 - Publish Date: 2018-03-24 - Publisher: Nam H Nguyen
Description: nnukwu akụ ọ bụla ị na-aga; ọ bụ ngwá ọrụ dị mfe nke nwere nanị okwu ịchọrọ na mkpa! Akwụkwọ ọkọwa okwu dum bụ ndepụta nke okwu ọgwụ na nkọwa. Ebook a bu ihe nduzi di mfe iji ghota ndi ozo maka okwu ogwu nye onye obula mgbe obula. Ihe ederede nke eBook a bu nani iji mee ihe maka ihe omuma. a great resource anywhere you go; it is an easy tool that has ju...
Author(s): Nam H Nguyen
Book Pages: 4418 - Publish Date: 2018-03-16 - Publisher: Nam H Nguyen
Description: The entire dictionary is an alphabetical list of English words and their French equivalent translations. It will be very useful for everyone (home, school, students, travel, interpreting and learning French or English). Akwụkwọ ọkọwa okwu dum bụ ndepụta nke okwu Bekee na nsụgharị ha na French. Ọ ga-aba uru maka onye ọ bụla (n'ụlọ, ụlọ akwụkwọ, ụmụ akwụkwọ, njem, ịkọwa na ịmụ asụsụ French ma ọ bụ Bekee).
Author(s): Kelechukwu Ihemere
Book Pages: 256 - Publish Date: 2018-04-19 - Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
Description: Codeswitching occurs when multilingual speakers embed elements of more than one language into the dominant (or Matrix) language within individual utterances of conversation. Codeswitching in Igbo-English Bilingualism explores the syntax of bilingual codeswitching between the Benue-Congo African language of Igbo and English. Within the framework of Myers-Scotton's highly influential Matrix Language...
Book Pages: 248 - Publish Date: 2017-11-08 - Publisher: Lexington Books
Description: This book examines the fiction, poetry, drama, and feminist theory of Nigerian writer Akachi Adimora-Ezeigbo. The book expands post-colonial discourse to illuminate the ways in which Akachi Adimora-Ezeigbo’s literary works explore conventional as well as contemporary themes about women’s role and status in Nigerian society.
Book Pages: 190 - Publish Date: 2017-06-05 - Publisher: Lexington Books
Description: This book examines the role that Igbo women in the diaspora play in community development in Southeastern Nigeria. It provides recommendations to policy makers in engaging and integrating diaspora resources to community development processes in Africa.
Author(s): Ebeogu Afam
Book Pages: 472 - Publish Date: 2017-05-25 - Publisher: African Heritage Press
Description: Ethnosensitive Dimensions of African Oral Literature: Igbo Perspectives is a collection of nineteen essays spanning all genres of African Oral literature, from the poetic genre to the rhetorical genre. Part One of the book is introductory, and includes three essays that are of a general kind, touching all aspects of the genres, while Part Two includes six essays concerned with the poetic genre. Pa...
Author(s): Michael Muonwe
Book Pages: 488 - Publish Date: 2016-12-13 - Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Description: The need for renegotiation of the place and role of women in the family, the Church, and the society cannot be any more urgent than now, especially as people are more aware of the devastating effects of the evils of inequality, discrimination, and oppression. It is a pity that the excellent qualities of bravery, industry, resilience, and perseverance historically attributed to African women, with ...