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Author(s): J. S. Boston
Book Pages: 120 - Publish Date: 1977 - Publisher: Unknown
Description: None
Book Pages: 300 - Publish Date: 1990 - Publisher: SUNY Press
Description: How have global markets and global manufacturing changed the balance of social, economic and political power? With this volume Ross and Trachte challenge existing political-economic theory. In concise terms they show how traditional theories of monopoly capitalism and world systems are not well-suited to analyze the emergence of global capitalism. This book, in a series of case studies of U.S. met...
Author(s): J.S. Skinner
Book Pages: Unknown - Publish Date: Unknown - Publisher: Рипол Классик
Description: None
Author(s): J. S. McClelland
Book Pages: 356 - Publish Date: 2010-10-04 - Publisher: Routledge
Description: First published in 1989, this persuasive and original work by John McClelland examines the importance of the idea of 'the crowd' in the writings of philosophers, historians and politicians from the classical era to the twentieth century. The book examines histories of political thought and their justifications for forms of rule, highlighting the persistent and profoundly anti-democratic bias in political and social thought, analysing in particular the writings of Machiavelli, Montesquieu, Hitler, Gibbon, Carlysle, Michelet, Taine and Freud.
Author(s): J. S. Bromley
Book Pages: 947 - Publish Date: 1970-07-02 - Publisher: CUP Archive
Description: The rise of Great Britain and Russia is the focus of this particular volume of The New Cambridge Modern History.
Author(s): JS VENIT
Book Pages: 136 - Publish Date: 2014-01-31 - Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Description: The Wolf and the Sufi What if I told you a story about the past for instance that soap is the dirt we buy that it lacks clarity and leaves the tongue standing alone that it scares us The leaves are not for the actual or the potential world or the fields in the actual or potential world But they rattle and still sell a lot of tickets I’ve been living with the willow of American speech in a hollow...
Author(s): J. S. Holliday
Book Pages: 355 - Publish Date: 1999 - Publisher: Univ of California Press
Description: This book carries the story of the world's first gold rush from 1849 through the free-for-all decades of the 1860s and 70's and on to the climactic year 1884. J. S. Holliday describes California's transformation from the quietude of a Mexican hinterland to the forefront of entrepreneurial capitalism. He follows gold mining's swift evolution from treasure hunt to vast industry, traces the prodigal plunder of California's virgin rivers and abundant forests, and describes improvised feats of engineering, breathtaking in their scope and execution.
Author(s): Jeff J. S. Black
Book Pages: 317 - Publish Date: 2009 - Publisher: Lexington Books
Description: Rousseau's Critique of Science is the first book-length treatment of Rousseau's first philosophic work. It argues that the Discourse is indispensable, both for those interested in the genesis and meaning of Rousseau's philosophic system, and for those interested in the moral consequences of our liberal democratic commitment to scientific progress.