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Book Pages: 95 - Publish Date: 1986 - Publisher: Lyle Stuart
Description: Discusses the basics of the Arabic language and provides instruction in the Arabic alphabet
Author(s): Nicholas Awde
Book Pages: 527 - Publish Date: 1996-01-01 - Publisher: Unknown
Description: This up-to-date dictionary contains appendices of Serbo-Croatian and English irregular verbs. Its easy-to-use format makes it useful for travellers, businessmen or for the students.
Book Pages: 174 - Publish Date: 1997 - Publisher: Hippocrene Books
Description: The aim of this dictionary is to assist the student or traveler in expanding his or her knowledge of the language and culture of Georgia. Georgian Phrasebook, including all topics a visitor to Georgia needs to know, including time of day, dates, transportation, money, communication services, and much more.
Book Pages: 219 - Publish Date: 2006 - Publisher: Hippocrene Books
Description: Presents a Farsi-English dictionary containing over 4,000 entries with romanized Farsi text, as well as a phrase book and brief introductions to grammar, pronunciation and the Farsi alphabet.
Book Pages: 185 - Publish Date: 1999 - Publisher: Hippocrene Books
Description: Offers five thousand vocabulary entries arranged in thirty-four sections dealing with aspects of daily life.
Book Pages: 175 - Publish Date: 1999 - Publisher: Hippocrene Books
Description: This dictionary and phrasebook includes a dictionary part plus helpful phrasebook chapters covering a variety of subjects.
Book Pages: 300 - Publish Date: 2007 - Publisher: Hippocrene Books
Description: Introduces the Syriac language spoken by the Assyrian peoples of the Middle East and its two main dialects, and offers English equivalents of words in each dialect and a phrase book with common expressions in both forms.
Book Pages: 175 - Publish Date: 1999 - Publisher: Hippocrene Books
Description: This book is very helpful for travellers to Somalia. Included in the book are vocabulary sections, a phrasebook, pronunciation, and a brief outline of the language's grammar rules and information on local culture.
Author(s): Nicholas Awde
Book Pages: 590 - Publish Date: 2008 - Publisher: Unknown
Description: None
Author(s): Nicholas Awde
Book Pages: 454 - Publish Date: 1996 - Publisher: Unknown
Description: More than 40,000 definitions are presented in this handy reference tool which provides both traditional as well as modern terminology.