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Book Pages: 273 - Publish Date: 2012-05-08 - Publisher: Parkstone International
Description: Abandoning a French look on the subject, Mrs. Bossan, the author, develops her study with a dichotomous vision: that of time that touches the history of mankind and that of geography and sociology, which lead to an almost ethnographic analysis. The author dissects the shoe and all that surrounds it: from its history to painting and literature. After this book, it will be difficult to publish a boo...
Book Pages: 161 - Publish Date: 2006 - Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Description: Each year, on the occasion of the annual Federal Design Award, the Swiss Federal Office of Culture a " this year in cooperation with the Museum fA1/4r Gestaltung in Zurich a " prepares a publication and an exhibition. These serve as platforms for the optimal presentation and documentation of all of the prizewinners together with their prizewinning projects. Every three years, a new innovative young designer is invited to execute the publications graphic design.
Author(s): Kristin Knox
Book Pages: 128 - Publish Date: 2010-05-07 - Publisher: A&C Black
Description: A lavishly illustrated tribute to Alexander McQueen, showcasing his dramatic and spectacular fashion designs.
Author(s): Eric Baird
Book Pages: 232 - Publish Date: 2011-01 - Publisher: Chocolate Tree Books
Description: A range of fractal types and variations drawn and discussed, with over 200 illustrations and diagrams.
Book Pages: 299 - Publish Date: 1988 - Publisher: University of Washington Press
Description: Winner of the George Wittenborn Award
Author(s): Mario Carpo
Book Pages: 224 - Publish Date: 2017-10-20 - Publisher: MIT Press
Description: In the early 1990s the design professions were the first to intuit and interpret the new logic of digital design and fabrication. Digital mass-customization (the use of digital tools to mass-produce variations at no extra cost) has already changed the way we produce and consume almost everything. In this book, Mario Carpo suggests that the same technical logic, now applied to all kinds of immateri...
Author(s): Patrizia Calefato
Book Pages: 160 - Publish Date: 2014-04-10 - Publisher: A&C Black
Description: Luxury has been both celebrated and condemned throughout history right up to the present day. This groundbreaking text examines luxury and its relationship with desire, status, consumption and economic value, exploring why luxury remains prominent even in the context of a global recession. Using approaches from cultural studies, semiotic research and aesthetics, Luxury presents a wide range of cas...
Author(s): Rudolf Koch
Book Pages: 104 - Publish Date: 2013-12-31 - Publisher: Courier Corporation
Description: Famed German type designer renders 493 classified and documented illustrations divided into 14 categories, including general signs, Christian signs, astronomical signs, the four elements, house and holding marks, runes, and more.
Author(s): Alexandra Lange
Book Pages: 416 - Publish Date: 2018-06-12 - Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Description: From building blocks to city blocks, an eye-opening exploration of how children's playthings and physical surroundings affect their development. Parents obsess over their children's playdates, kindergarten curriculum, and every bump and bruise, but the toys, classrooms, playgrounds, and neighborhoods little ones engage with are just as important. These objects and spaces encode decades, even centu...
Author(s): Patrick W. Jordan
Book Pages: 224 - Publish Date: 2003-09-02 - Publisher: CRC Press
Description: Human factors considerations are increasingly being incorporated into the product design process. Users are seen more as being important factors in the overall look and usability of products than just as passive users. We are now treated as cognitive and physical components of the person/product system. The author, who is one of the leading lights in the field of cognitive ergonomics, looks at app...