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Author(s): John Keeble
Book Pages: 336 - Publish Date: 2014-04-15 - Publisher: University of Washington Press
Description: Wesley Erks, itinerant machinist and "high class jack-of-all-trades," takes a hefty fee for smuggling a group of illegal Chinese immigrants ("yellowfish") from Vancouver, B.C., to San Francisco in the 1970s. Three are teenaged "Hong Kong boys," one of whom has been grievously injured. The fourth, a fugitive and the son of a rich Chinese casino owner, means to settle a grudge with a Chinese America...
Book Pages: Unknown - Publish Date: Unknown - Publisher: Рипол Классик
Description: ...«Есть, молиться, любить» - книга о том, как можно найти радость там, где не ждешь, и как не нужно искать счастье там, где его не будет, по определению. ...Современная книга о современной женщине, для которой есть, молиться, любить – значит получать удовольствие от жизни. Her magazin
Author(s): Dick Francis
Book Pages: 320 - Publish Date: 2010-11-02 - Publisher: Penguin
Description: When young investment banker Tim Ekaterin becomes involved in the cutthroat world of thoroughbred racing, he finds his life in business blown to smithereens. For suddenly the multimillion dollar loan he arranges to finance the purchase of a champion racehorse is threatened by an apparent defect in the animal. Then, as Tim desperately searches for answers, he falls headlong into a deadly deal of violence and murder. . . .
Book Pages: 725 - Publish Date: 2016-09-26 - Publisher: Aegitas
Description: В данный том вошли первая, вторая и третья части романа «Граф Монте-Кристо», классика французской литературы, написан в 1844—1845. Имя своему герою писатель придумал во время путешествия по Средиземному морю, когда он увид...
Book Pages: 294 - Publish Date: 1977 - Publisher: 早川書房
Description: 第三次大戦後、放射能灰に汚された地球では生きた動物を持っているかどうかが地位の象徴になっていた。人工の電気羊しか飼えないリックは、かくて火星から逃亡した〈奴隷〉アンドロイド八人の首にかかった賞金を狙って、決死の狩りを始めた! 現代SFの旗手が斬新な着想と華麗な筆致で描く悪夢の未来世界!
Book Pages: 246 - Publish Date: 2007-03-01 - Publisher: Baen Publishing Enterprises
Description: Suddenly, staying alive is more than a personal problem . . . In a galaxy worn down by generations of war against an implacable foe, a star pilot's mission brings him an unexpected ally and a chance to serve his troop¾and mankind. M. Jela Granthor's Guard is a soldier who was born to be a~ soldier, a solider whose genes were selected before birth, whose life was chosen for him as one of service a...
Book Pages: 86 - Publish Date: 2013-08-23 - Publisher: "Издательство ""Проспект"""
Description: Однажды маленькая Ассоль, дочь моряка, повстречалась со старым сказочником, который предсказал ей замечательную судьбу: в один прекрасный день за ней приплывет принц на корабле с алыми парусами и увезет в далекую стра...
Book Pages: 279 - Publish Date: 2001 - Publisher: New York Review of Books
Description: At the beginning of this masterpiece of African literature, Clarence, a white man, has been shipwrecked on the coast of Africa. Flush with self-importance, he demands to see the king, but the king has just left for the south of his realm. Traveling through an increasingly phantasmagoric landscape in the company of a beggar and two roguish boys, Clarence is gradually stripped of his pretensions, un...
Author(s): Brenda Jackson
Book Pages: 288 - Publish Date: 2011-01-01 - Publisher: Kimani Press
Description: Two classic Westmoreland novels from New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Brenda Jackson Stone Cold Surrender Bestselling thriller writer Stone Westmoreland can think of plenty of ways to describe the stranger he meets on a flight to Montana. Tantalizing. Whip-smart. And completely unaware of how good it feels to give in to your wilder impulses. Stone would be happy to offer buttoned-up...
Author(s): Paul Quarrington
Book Pages: 247 - Publish Date: 2004 - Publisher: Macmillan
Description: Hoping to find meaning in their own lives by tracking a hurricane on a small Caribbean island, amateur storm chasers Beverly and Caldwell seek shelter at a resort alongside three locals while tracing both the storm and their own tragic pasts. 15,000 first printing.