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Book Pages: 192 - Publish Date: 2012-01-21 - Publisher: Springer-Verlag
Description: Wer Patienten eine gute Nachversorgung bieten will, ist auf strukturierte Abläufe, gebündelte Informationsweitergabe und eine gute Zusammenarbeit mit in- wie externen Partnern angewiesen. Das Praxisbuch unterstützt Pflegeteams in Krankenhäusern und stationären Pflegeeinrichtungen dabei, alle ärztlichen, pflegerischen und therapeutischen Informationen besser miteinander zu verknüpfen. Tipps, Formulare und Checklisten helfen, Standards für die Informationsweitergabe und die Überleitung zu entwickeln und in die Arbeitsabläufe zu integrieren.
Author(s): Normand Séguin
Book Pages: 191 - Publish Date: 1998 - Publisher: Presses Université Laval
Description: Un tableau d'ensemble de la transformation du monde médical depuis le Régime français jusqu'à 1945.
Book Pages: 141 - Publish Date: 2012-10-12 - Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Description: In the era of molecular biology, an atlas that allows a rapid understanding of the complexity of ovarian processes is urgently needed. In this book, the author draws upon her own research, conducted over the past three decades, to provide a unique compilation of high-quality illustrations that offer illuminating insights in a readily accessible form. The ovarian follicles, the corpus luteum, and t...
Author(s): Michael Dahl
Book Pages: 24 - Publish Date: 2004-01-01 - Publisher: Capstone
Description: "Doctor, doctor, I snore so loudly, I keep waking up." "Doctor, doctor, I think I'm a dog." You'll never get sick of laughing as you read these jokes!
Book Pages: 660 - Publish Date: 2006-01-16 - Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Description: The present volume deals with specific aspects of neuropathology for forensic and clinical neuropathologists, with particular emphasis on their relevance to everyday practice. Each chapter includes an overview of the literature as well as specific references and features a wealth of figures, graphs, and tables.
Book Pages: 414 - Publish Date: 2007-12-08 - Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Description: This is the third edition of a comprehensive study of the neuronal disorders of the lower gastrointestinal tract in children. Important new studies and progress in research on bowel motility and motility disorders are covered in detail as well as new aspects concerning the embryology, functional anatomy of the enteric nervous system. In particular new insights have been received from the studies in the genetics of Hirschsprung's disease. Special emphasis is laid on new surgical techniques, especially on the laparoscopic approach in combination with Soave's or Duhamel's technique.
Author(s): Michael Worboys
Book Pages: 327 - Publish Date: 2000-10-16 - Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Description: Spreading Germs discusses how modern ideas on the bacterial causes diseases were constructed and spread within the British medical profession.
Book Pages: 633 - Publish Date: 1996-07-03 - Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Description: The why, where, when and how of modern fracture treatment, written by two world-renowned experts. The first edition sold over 5,000 copies in the US alone and soon became a standard reference. This completely revised and enlarged second edition takes into account all the important advances that have taken place since. It is richly illustrated with clinical and radiological examples, and describes ...
Book Pages: 364 - Publish Date: 2016-10-25 - Publisher: Springer
Description: This book, now in its second edition, provides a comprehensive overview of current re-irradiation strategies, with detailed discussion of re-irradiation methods, technical aspects, the role of combined therapy with anticancer drugs and hyperthermia, and normal tissue tolerance. In addition, disease specific chapters document recent clinical results and future research directions. All chapters from...
Author(s): Arvo Ylppö
Book Pages: 184 - Publish Date: 2013-03-08 - Publisher: Springer-Verlag
Description: Dieser Buchtitel ist Teil des Digitalisierungsprojekts Springer Book Archives mit Publikationen, die seit den Anfängen des Verlags von 1842 erschienen sind. Der Verlag stellt mit diesem Archiv Quellen für die historische wie auch die disziplingeschichtliche Forschung zur Verfügung, die jeweils im historischen Kontext betrachtet werden müssen. Dieser Titel erschien in der Zeit vor 1945 und wird daher in seiner zeittypischen politisch-ideologischen Ausrichtung vom Verlag nicht beworben.