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Book Pages: Unknown - Publish Date: 2007 - Publisher: World Bank Publications
Description: This paper uses a growth diagnostics approach à la Hausmann, Rodrik, and Velasco (HRV) to identify the most 'binding' constraints to private sector growth in Mongolia - a small, low-income, mineral-rich, transition economy. The approach of applying the HRV methodology is useful in those cases where a lack of data prevents us from estimating shadow prices to identify the most 'binding' constraint ...
Author(s): R. G. Harvey
Book Pages: 192 - Publish Date: 2004 - Publisher: Heritage House Publishing Co
Description: In a province where mountain ranges are at odds with road and rail builders, and its capital city and a large portion of its population are on an island, it's no surprise that provision of an effective transportation system has been a challenging undertaking—or that mistakes have been made. In many cases, BC's political leaders not only didn't solve problems, they added to them. And many of the ...
Author(s): Charles Kenny
Book Pages: 32 - Publish Date: 2007 - Publisher: World Bank Publications
Description: Abstract: Governance is central to development outcomes in infrastructure, not least because corruption (a symptom of failed governance) can have significantly negative impact on returns to infrastructure investment. This conclusion holds whether infrastructure is in private or public hands. This paper looks at what has been learned about the role of governance in infrastructure, provides some rec...
Book Pages: 238 - Publish Date: 1999-10-31 - Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Description: Economics of Urban Highway Congestion and Pricing offers the most extensive examination to date of the relationship between congestion tolls and highway capacity in the long run. This study breaks new ground in the economic theory of optimal road capacity by including theoretical contributions, empirical studies, and simulation experiments that all pertain to the general topic reflected in the tit...
Author(s): Marianne Fay
Book Pages: Unknown - Publish Date: 2007 - Publisher: World Bank Publications
Description: Less restrictive product market policies are crucial in promoting convergence to higher levels of GDP per capita. This paper benchmarks product market policies in Bulgaria to those of OECD countries by estimating OECD indicators of Product Market Regulation (PMR). The PMR indicators allow a comprehensive mapping of policies affecting competition in product markets. Comparison with OECD countries r...
Author(s): World Bank
Book Pages: 110 - Publish Date: 1993-09-01 - Publisher: Unknown
Description: The economy of the Occupied Territories (OT) is currently in turmoil. Income levels have stagnated over the past decade; unemployment and underemployment are rising rapidly; public infrastructure and social services are grossly overstretched; and the fragile natural resource base is threatened with irreversible damage. This study aims to assess prospects for sustainable development in the OT, as w...
Book Pages: 316 - Publish Date: 1995-01-01 - Publisher: Kluwer Academic Pub
Description: This volume offers an up-to-date review of methods for constructing a specific class of asymptotic solutions, called self-stabilising solutions. This class includes solitons, kinks, travelling waves, etc. Either the solutions for this class or their derivatives are localised in the neighbourhood of a certain curve of surface. The book can be divided into two parts: Chapters I-V contain the methods...
Author(s): Richard Scarry
Book Pages: 48 - Publish Date: 2005 - Publisher: HarperCollins UK
Description: The busiest books ever When the Pig family decide to go to the beach to have a picnic they see every kind of vehicle on their way. From hot-dog cars to bug buses, ditch diggers to fire engines, mouse beach buggies and pumpkin cars. Join the Pig family on their eventful journey, and keep a look out for Goldbug on the way. This book is the perfect introduction to everything that moves.
Book Pages: 59 - Publish Date: 2001 - Publisher: European Communities
Description: Progress towards a more sustainable transport system has become an imperative in the European Union. The TERM indicators bench-mark the transport sector's overall development and its environmental impacts against current EU policy objectives and targets. Key policy instruments assessed include environmental regulation, spatial planning, investments in transport infrastructure and services, transport charges and taxes, cleaner technologies and fuels. Overall, the report shows that transport is becoming less and not more environmentally sustainable.
Book Pages: 24 - Publish Date: 2009 - Publisher: Tundra Books (NY)
Description: Photographs and simple text describe how children around the world get places by such means as walking, camels, and boats.