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Be Connected, Join Igalapedia Project

Igalapedia is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit making organisation that is specialised in publishing and web development project. We publish books, design and develop software for research, studies and development of World Minority Languages. Our iSocial is a unified bunch of tools for research and development of +7500 languages around the world.
Over the years, so much articles were written, read and listened in conferences and serminars about how minority languages are dieing in the hands of language imperialsm.
And today, social-media networks have come to stay only to be multiplying by the days. While people like to share their feelings and status with friends, we are here to encourage them to learn and also share what they know about their native language. Teach a friend or learn from a friend how to speak a choice language. Many languages sprang out of others. Follow a choice language, compare terms, phrases, clause or sentence.
If a choice language is lacking what you see on another language community, create a page or post, ask question in your community. Our group and page function has features to support any kind of language research project. Pickup a subject, Create a research group, invite friends to discuss problem of your language community today.

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