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Igalapedia :   » Education » Threats to the growth of Igala language

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  1. Audu Isah Jibrin says:

    The Author is doing a wonderful and very important research to improve, uplift and retaining of Igala language/culture thro Igalapedia Projects, he should be given moral, financial and material supports by all well meaning Igala indigenes to enable him actualise this laudable projects for the benefits and protection of Igala languages from extinction, the request for supports should go beyond Igala land to our non-Igala inlaws and well wishers for benefits of our unborn children. “it will be shameful to us parents if we fail to perform our primary duties by teaching our children Igala languages” imagine your ten years old and above child telling an Igalaman in your present, I’m an Igala but i can not speak the language” what a shame! Mefejugbiti megba abowa Igala, achemaki-ilolano. {AUDU ISAH JIBRIN} P/H

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