Igalapedia Project

World languages and cultural documentation project

The Igalapedia project coined from Igala Encyclopedia is an NGO initiated to promote African Culture and Tradition. While presenting Igala Land, Language and her people as a true portrayal of African identity, we pilot program for developing indigenous Nigerian languages and also teach how to speak the Igala language.

IGALA language is one of the major tribes in Nigeria, West Africa, they are found in Kogi State majorly to the east of River Niger and west of Benue-Niger confluence. We teach people of all ages the Igala language while we encourage the speakers to improve and sustain their ability in the the use of the dialect.

We are currently down for upgrade and maintenance

Igalapedia Project is currently undergoing rebranding and most of our contents has been migrated to the new project which is called Heritage Social Media Network live @ http://igalapedia.com/hecial/