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Social Media Network that is dedicated to academic activities, language research and cultural documentation.

The Igalapedia Project

The Igalapedia project coined from Igala Encyclopedia is an NGO initiated to promote African Culture and Tradition. While presenting Igala Land, Language and her people as a true portrayal of African identity, we pilot program for developing indigenous Nigerian languages and also teach how to speak the Igala language.

IGALA language is one of the major tribes in Nigeria, West Africa, they are found in Kogi State majorly to the east of River Niger and west of Benue-Niger confluence. We teach people of all ages the Igala language while we encourage the speakers to improve and sustain their ability in the the use of the dialect.

Heritage Social Media Network

IGALAPEDIA HECIAL is a Social Media Network that is dedicated to academic activities, language research and cultural documentation. Our concept is a revolutionary Approach to language research and development utilising the power of social media network beyond connecting people while working toward accomplishment of agenda 4,8 and 17 of Sustainable Development Goal(s) and corresponding target(s). With +7500 language learning communities already maintained, HECIAL is aimed at redefining the way social media network can be beneficial to alleviation of language endangerment. This is achieved by validating functionality in our project specifically as a social interaction ground for learning local languages, diverse culture and moral standards.

The HECIAL service is a subsidiary project to accommodate other languages around the world into Igalapedia language research and development endeavour. With HECIAL and Igala Encyclopedia being a unified bunch of tools for research and development built on top of one infrastructure, applications and articles for learning Igala Language @ http://old.igalapedia.com have been replicated into +7500 template for learning native languages around the world. This is aimed at positioning our NGO (IGALAPEDIA PROJECT) and her HECIAL as a global player in the language research and development.

  1. Use features of our social media network to teach a friend or learn from a friend how to speak a choice language.
  2. Many languages sprang out of others, follow a choice language, compare terms, phrases, clauses and sentences.
  3. If a choice language is lagging what you see in other language community, create a page, post, and ask questions in your community.
  4. Our group, page and forum have features that support any kind of language research project. Pickup a subject, create a research group, and invite friends to discuss problems of your language community today.


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