Igala is a tonal language and thus, for proper presentation of article in the language, the need to follow all the grammatical rules of tonal markings can not be over emphasised. Tonal marks are indicator for stress of the sound that gives meaning to words and phrases. It is not always easy for an average Igala writter to flow with typing documents since the marks are not readily available on our key boards.

Some Igala alphabets are not readily available on keyboard, these tends to discourage many writers from continuing to produce article in the language. Human being value economy of manhours and time related resources. Any body that commits him self to producing article in Igala language will spend at least twice the time needed to deliver the same size of work in English language before his keyboard, This difficulties have grossly affected the growth of indigenous languages in the area document production.

At the production stage of Igalapedia wordnet, all the problems mentioned above and beyond were all met and the question came to mind, considering the volume of materials and the limited number of developers available,

  • Are we going continue with this snail speed of typing to produce the much awaited Igala dictionary?
  • What are we going to achieve after delivery of lecture to student and there may lived to spend double the required time to type their assignment?
  • It will become a lost investment that after committing so much time and resources to developing Igala studies curriculum, we are going to be faced with the target audience running away from using the language only because it is not easy to produce document in Igala language.

To answer these questions and many more issues, A small software project titled Igala Text Composer was quickly initiated within the Igalapedia project to automate processes in the production of Igalapedia wordnet. This will give birth to the future Igala wordprocessor that is been conceived and still hatching in the york.

Features of Igala Text Composer

  • Auto-suggest Igala alphabets as you type.
  • Auto-suggest Igala words as you type.
  • Auto-suggest Igala clause, phrases, sentences and even short passages live as you type the article.

Statute of Igala Text Composer 

The application is currently functional with features number 1 and 2 while the feature number 3 will be added to the wordprocessor.


The application is currently not available for download in public domain since what we have now was a brief work for Igalapedia wordnet developers’ use only.