Relevance of Igala language in education:
    Studies by psychologists have shown that,“while children acquire languages efficiently, adults learn them inefficiently. Taylor (1978), Jesperson (1922) and Brown (1973) have advanced socio¬psychological and neurophysiological factors to account for why acquiring and learning a language differ”.The relevance of learning Igala Language in the school system can therefore not be overstressed. A first language for a child is a tool which he intimately uses in all his daily...
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    Overview of Igala alphabets
    The Igala alphabets are made up of 31 letters adapted from the roman alphabet which in turn was adapted by English. Some of these letters are single units while others are a combination of two letters (diagraphs which nevertheless have single sounds). This is because, unlike English, Igala has a certain units of speech that are peculiar to it. They are five in numbers, namely: (gb, kp, nm, nw, and ny). Conversely, there are some letters in the English alphabet which are non-existent in Igala...
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