We aimed to document and preserve vocabularies from world minority languages and the African local contents with particular attention to Igala language. From +7500 language learning communities, Search and follow your native language, Follow other languages of choice, Discover new people of like mind, create new connections and make friends to learn new things about mother tongue. Help friends to understand things about a choice language. Many languages sprang out of others, use our comparative languages dictionary to compare meanings to terms, phrases and sentences from languages across the globe.

Before things fell apart!, each and every language of the world has a unique cultural wisdom and ecological history that was answering fundamental questions which distinguish them as a people. While some world languages are standing bold on digital media in the form of documentation asking for improvement, African languages are yet to find their place in this sphere of digital age. Igala language is one of the worst affected.

Igalapedia Project identifies what today's people like and thus utilising the power of social media networking system beyond connecting people then building apps around this hype for harnessing resources to document and preserve African local content in electronic format.

Aims and Objectives

  • To document and preserve Igala vocabularies, other world minority languages and the African local contents in electronic format.
  • To maintain and preserve all materials used to develop the Igala language as a template in an archive for development of other world minority Languages.
  • To document and preserve vocabularies and local contents from minority languages around the world.
  • To create publicity for encouraging people to be speaking mother tongue to their siblings.
  • To develop and maintain a collaborative network for indigenous language research and development programs. (Members can register on our Hecial for learning new things about their mother tongue)
  • To publish books, design and develop computer programs (software) for research, studies and development of Igala and other African indigenous languages and the African Local Contents. (Free download Igala Encyclopedia)
  • To provide learning materials to Igala people, other language communities of Nigerian origin or minority languages else where around the world both at home and in the Diaspora. People should be able to have free access to language learning material irrespective of location at free cost. 
  • To provide facilities for rapid development of minority languages around the world. (Contribute to building the Heritage Archives Project - Ejule, Kogi state - Nigeria)
  • Encouraging future generation of African children (Most especially those living outside their language domain to learn how to speak the language (mother tongue) with ease.
  • We promote the writing and reading of African languages among the present and future generation of African children.