Features in Heritage Social Media Network

  1. Friends Users can add others as a freind
  2. Follow/Unfollow Hecial also support following system like every other porpular social media network.
  3. Real-Time Real-Time Newsfeed, Chat, & Notifications and Profile Updates
  4. Share Users can share any public post on Hecial.
  5. Smart Publisher Publisher auto-scrap (Music, Videos, Links)
  6. YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud Users can share links from these media
  7. Notifications Get notifications (red notification with counter) from other users when they: Like, Share, Comment, or @mention you
  8. Sound Notifications for New Notifications & Messages
  9. Privacy users can change thier privacy settings anytime
  10. #Hahtags Post #hashtags in posts, comments and chat conversations
  11. @mention user can mention thier friends
  12. Photos upload images and have them displayed as a gallery.
  13. Groups Stay in touch with the group members and share stories with them.
  14. Pages User now can create pages like every other porpular social media network.
  15. Smiles / Emoticons (smiles) in Messages, Comments and Chat.
  16. Mange Blocks Users can block other users preventing them from chatting with each other.
  17. Awesome Profile with Covers and Avatars for user/page/group profiles
  18. Verify Badge Now profile and pages support verify badge
  19. Unified Search Box Live search for #hashtags, posts, pages and groups
  20. See More option for cut long-text post like every other porpular social media network.
  21. Retina Display Ready Responsive Design (optimized for iPhone 5 and other iOS devices)
  22. SuggestionsFriends suggestions (for new users), Pages to like, Groups to join