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THE Igala Encyclopedia (a.k.a. IGALAPEDIA PROJECT) is an NGO Project initiated to promote Igala culture and tradition. We teach how to speak Igala language. IGALA language is one of the major tribes in Nigeria, West Africa, they are found in Kogi State majorly to the east of River Niger and west of Benue-Niger confluence.

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We welcome your interest for learning Igala Language
Its our pleasure at Igalapedia project that you commit interest to seeking knowledge about Igala language. We want you to enjoy learning Igala language as much as we enjoy teaching it! And we make sure that the Igala we teach you with our learning tools is relevant and useful to you outside the learning environment.
Our curriculum for Igala studies is divided into three module. The module two which can also be referred to as General Igala Studies is a language study Courses for people of all levels ranging from from complete beginners to near-native speakers of Igala language. Igalapedia quiz is also available in the series of our learning tool that will give you the skills needed to do really well in the Igala language online competition we are putting together to encourage the learners.Links to recommended Services

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